Hands Off campaign protests have taken place all over the world, from Nairobi to Kathmandu via Jakarta, Manipur, Brussels and New Delhi.

The goal of all of these actions has been to stop mandates that would harm access to affordable, life-saving medicines for millions removed from international agreements such as the EU-India FTA.

MSF has joined thousands of protesters in the streets of New Dehli to demonstrate against the possible passing of law that would stop the flow of medications to those who desperately need them in the developing world.

For more information about the protests go here.




Anacridium No. 1

Alaus Oculatus

Ecuadorian illustrator Melissa Murillo (aka Meyoko) lives and works in Berlin where she draws some of the most fantastically intricate images I’ve encountered in some time. These two skulls utilizing the abstracted anatomy of insects are by far my favorite, but my guess is many of you will thoroughly enjoy the rest of her portfolio. These two particular pieces are available as limited edition giclee prints in her shop, and you can see her work later this year at Illustrative in Berlin. (by  Christopher)